Sundance Observatory

Joe Busch's Sundance Observatory
Located on the Orange County Astronomers site - Aguanga California

Detached warming shed (nicknamed "The Cazuit") with a network controlled 10 foot Pro-Dome.
All operations can be controlled from either structure.

10 foot Technical Inovations Pro-Dome controlled by "Dome Works" Software.

Joe Busch with his Telescopes
Meade 12 inch ACF attached to a Homeyer Cradle mounted to a Paramount ME

Straddling the Meade are two refractors. The pictured Pentax has been replaced by a Televue NP101is. The scope on the other side is a TEC 140. Temporarily piggybacked is a William Optics Megrez 80 for Solar work

Telescopes shown mounted to the Paramount ME
Pentax (replaced with NP101is) - Meade 12 inch LX200 ACF - TEC 140

SBIG ST10XME with CFW10 and AO7 attached to the Pentax
SBIG STL11000 attached to the TEC 140 - also equipped with a MOAG and an AOL

There are two PC comupters in the dome. The main computer controls the mount, dome and one camera The other PC controls one camera when two images of the same object are taken. Ususally, the two are used when a narrow field (12 inch) and a wide field images are desired. During the imaging process the guiding is done though the 12 inch. Also the entire operation can be controlled remotly from the Warming Shed.

Joe's image of the Rosette nebula through the TEC-140

Joe's Hospitality at the "Cazuit" before a night under the stars