Point Sur Observatory

Trey McGriff's Point Sur Observatory
Eight foot SkyShed Pod located in Trey's backyard Oceanside California

This observatory has been dismantled and all the equipment sold

Trey McGriff with the telescopes
Meade 14 inch LX200ACF - William Optics FLT110 - Coronado 40mm Solarscope

Thad, Trey and Myself
Installation of the deck after pier is installed.

Partially assembled Pod Base and installed Pier with Trey cleaning up

Wayne and Trey assembling the Pod's Dome

Installation complete. Showing 40mm Coronado, William Optics FLT110
Meade 14inch LX200 ACF and a Denkmier Binoviewer. Ready for First Light

Wayne and Myself getting ready for First Light with Trey photographing from outside the Pod.

First Light Image

Sky conditions were very poor and unsteady