Orange County Astronomers Observatory

located on the OCA site in Aguanga California

William Kuhn telescope 22 inch f/8 Modified Cassegrain - vintage 1979

OCA observatory from a drone. Pointed at Venus with myself and Trey

Jerry Brunache

In 1979 Jerry Brunache of Brunache Instrumental Optics ground the Primary Mirror for the Kuhn telescope. There is no documentation for this telescope so I enlisted his help in aligning the rear cell, secondary mirror and focuser. Along with Jerry was myself, Trey Mcgriff, Wayne Peters, Joe Busch, Observatory Custodian and OCA President Barbara Toy.

Myself, Barbara Toy (OCA President) and Trey McGriff removing old focuser and backplate

Trey McGriff flattening shims for the new focuser

Wayne Peters fabricates a special retrieving tool

Wayne Peters attaches William Optics 2 inch focuser

Finished for the day. Jerry, Myself, Barbara and Joe

Trey McGriff tests the new focuser and alignment on Venus

Centering the primary mirror in the cell

Cleaning the primary mirror

Done. Looks pretty good

Image: M82 Trey Mcgriff and Pat Knoll
Orange County Astronomers Observatory
Galaxey M82 with Super Nova SN2014J - 01/25/2014

Image: M87 Pat Knoll

Orange County Astronomers Observatory
Astronomy Magazine Picture of the Day - Galaxey M87 with Black Hole Jet - 05/16/2009

Barbara presents me with a plaque from the OCA board

Much appreciated