Mt. San Antonio College Observatory

January 18, 2013

Observatory 25 foot diameter dome on roof of Science Building
Campus located in Walnut California

Working with Ralph Emerson of Oceanside Photo and Telescope, Vincent Giordano (OPT) and I drove up to Mt. SAC with the telescope. There we met with Heather Jones, Paul Gardner, Larry Redinger and some of the professors, installed the the 16 inch RCX 400 telescope on their pier and tested it's operation. After Nightfall. the mount was "Drift" aligned, telescope control software was installed on the computer and the STL6303 camera was tested.

13 foot pier

RCX 400 fork Assembly Complete

RCX 400 forks installed on 13 foot pier

16 inch Meade RCX 400 attached to fork mount
Myself and Heather Jones ready to test telescope control

Heather testing the optics on a Moon/Jupiter conjunction

All looks good. Ready for nightfall to collimate, drift align and test camera.

M42 First Light - SBIG STL 6303 - Astrodon filters
Quick unguided image just to test the camera - 10x1 seconds L - 3x2 seconds each RGB = all bin 3x3